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Friends at Fern

I am a firm believer in voting with my dollars, so when my friends and I were deciding where to meet for dinner tonight, I suggested a newish vegetarian restaurant in Charlotte called Fern. I am all for both consuming fewer … Continue reading

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Sustainable Seafood

I recently listened to a TED talk by Chef Barton Seaver that addressed a message I think so many Americans need to hear. He discusses the modern seafood dilemma for humans today: that while seafood is one of our healthiest … Continue reading

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Grocery Shopping: 8 Tips for Shoppers

Now that you know a little more about how grocery stores operate, here are some basic tips for developing your own grocery shopping strategy: 1. Make a list – Keep a pad of paper in your kitchen dedicated to your grocery list. … Continue reading

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Grocery Shopping: Stores’ Strategies

I had a really interesting marketing professor in graduate school whose career, aside from teaching, focused on food marketing. His class gave me a whole new perspective on grocery stores and  grocery shopping. The main thing I took away from my … Continue reading

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Good Karma

Ever wonder why companies still send so much snail mail? Catalogs, credit card offers, fliers, ads, etc.? I certainly do, and I cringe at the thought of so many unopened, unwanted pieces of mail going right from people’s mailboxes into … Continue reading

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