Good Karma

Ever wonder why companies still send so much snail mail? Catalogs, credit card offers, fliers, ads, etc.? I certainly do, and I cringe at the thought of so many unopened, unwanted pieces of mail going right from people’s mailboxes into the trash every day.

So many natural resources (namely trees and oil) are consumed to produce and deliver the junk mail we don’t even want, but I have an awesome, really easy app that can clear your mailbox of junk and save precious recources!

PaperKarma is a fairly new, free app – I downloaded it from Apple’s App Store. To sign up, all you have to do is register your name and mailing address. Then, when you get a piece of junk mail, just take a picture with your phone or tablet from the app screen, click “unsubscribe,” and the people at PaperKarma will take care of the rest. It takes about 24 hours to become fully unsubscribed once you submit a picture, but the app tracks the requests you make, which ones are pending, and which ones failed. (I have not had any requests fail since I started using the app in March.)

Here’s a step-by-step in pictures, taken from the company’s Web site:

  1. Open the app

2.  Take a picture of each piece of junk mail you received that day and click “unsubscribe”

3. Track your requests

PaperKarma warns that it may take several weeks for the junk mail to stop coming once you’ve requested to be unsubscribed. Nevertheless, I think this is a great idea and wish I had thought of it myself! Try it out and tell your friends about it! And feel good about saving some trees.

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