10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re still trying to decide what to get your dad this Father’s Day, check out this list of “In Sustainability and in Health” inspired ideas:

1. A guided fly fishing trip – My dad loves being outside, and he especially loves to fly fish. If your dad likes the outdoors but doesn’t know how or where to go fly fishing, hire him a guide for an afternoon. The guide does all of the hard work while your dad can learn this new skill or pick up additional pointers if he already knows how.

2. A blender – My parents were way ahead of the smoothie curve; they’ve been making “breakfast shakes” for years. This is obviously a healthy habit that I’m all for supporting. If your dad is into anything from protein shakes to blended cocktails, upgrade his blender! Try a Vitamix if you want to go high-end. If he already has a good blender, what about a juicer?

3. Reusable straws – This goes along with the smoothie habit, but plastic straws create a lot of trash if you use them on a regular basis. Glass or stainless steel straws are reusable and cheaper in the long-run.

4. A heart rate monitor – Your dad doesn’t have to be a serious athlete to benefit from wearing a heart rate monitor. These make you aware of exactly how hard you are working, and if you are working too hard or not hard enough to burn fat. Heart rate monitors also make exercise safer and will allow your dad to be his own coach and track his fitness over time.

5. A High Cotton Tie – Woven fabric production used to be a huge industry in North Carolina, but has long since moved overseas. High Cotton’s goal is to bring as much of the industry back to the state as possible by taking part in the North Carolina textile revival movement. All of High Cotton’s t-shirts are made from local cotton, and every product is cut and sewn in North Carolina. This, in turn, creates local jobs and reduces the amount of product required to be shipped overseas. Also, since all High Cotton products are machine washable, they don’t require the highly pollutant process of dry cleaning. The company was also co-founded by one of my friends, James!

Southern Style

6. A REI gift card or membership – REI, if you haven’t heard of it, is a co-op that sells outdoor equipment, sporting goods and outdoor apparel. The company “encourages the active conservation of nature and the responsible use and enjoyment of the outdoors.” My dad loves this store and could browse there for hours!

7. An EVA foam roller–  Whether your dad runs, lifts, hikes or spends most of his day sitting at a desk, it is so important for him to stretch regularly and release muscle tension. My dad primarily uses his foam roller to stretch his back, but they are also great for leg and upper body work. Make sure to buy an EVA closed cell foam roller – it is the most durable type, will maintain its shape longer, and is recyclable.

8. A CSA (community supported agriculture) membership – If he’s not already, get your dad in the kitchen! Buying a membership from a local farm means that on a regular basis throughout the farming season, your dad will get a box of seasonal produce (some farms also offer meat and dairy products). This is a great opportunity to support local farms, reduce food packaging, get exposed to new ingredients, and encourage cooking at home.

9. A family picture – It can’t be overdone! If your dad is like mine, he is the family photographer. It is unusual for us to get a quality picture of both kids and both parents. This year, ask a friend or neighbor to take a picture of your whole family, dad included. The effort and planning will be worth much more than a thousand words to your dad.

10. A home-cooked meal – Making someone a meal is one of the most basic ways of saying thank you or showing someone you care. And you can control what goes into the food, making your dad’s dinner as healthy (or decadent) as you want. Here are some of my favorite blogs for recipe ideas:

Vegan: Oh She Glows

Vegetarian: Daily Garnish

Whole foods, non-vegetarian: 100 Days of Real Food

There you have it. Good luck shopping and happy early Father’s Day!

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