My Go-To Healthy Living Blog Recipes

I’m home from the most relaxing five day mountain and beach vacation. My week was full of friends, sun, sand, waves, cocktail hours, and eating at fun restaurants. While I loved every minute of the trip, I came home ready to clean up my diet and get back to my regular healthy foods.

To detox from the week, I’m really just going back to my usual eating habits of minimizing my intake of dairy, caffeine, alcohol, meat, processed foods and sugar. I’m re-focusing on seasonal fruits and vegetables, plant-based proteins, drinking tons of water, and only eating when I’m hungry.

In turn, I’m going back to some of my favorite go-to healthy living blog recipes. I’ve been reading healthy living blogs for more than a year now, and I have a list of recipes from various sites that I find myself making over and over. They are all tasty, healthy, and easy – so I thought I’d share some of my go-to list with you!

(*Note: All of the beautiful pictures belong to the bloggers themselves. If I took a picture of my version of a recipe, it’s to the right of the beautiful picture. I’m sure you’ll be able to differentiate.)

1. Green Monsters from Oh She Glows: While I don’t ever follow a set recipe for my smoothies, I have adopted Angela’s habit of adding leafy greens into them. My go-to ingredients are frozen bananas, almond milk, other frozen fruits, spinach and/or kale. These smoothies are full of “clean” nutrients and are especially refreshing after a big workout or on a hot summer day. And if mixed properly, you can’t taste the greens!

Green Monster    blender

2. Easy and Healthy Banana Muffins from Peanut Butter Runner: The title says it all; these muffins come together quickly, are low in sugar, and are high in protein (for muffins at least). I make these all the time, and my boyfriend has started requesting them when he visits. They are good with breakfast, as an afternoon snack or for dessert. I like them best topped with peanut butter or honey.

Banana Muffins PBR banana muffins

3. Raw Chia Seed Jam from Eating Bird Food:  Summer is the perfect time to make this jam, and it’s super easy to make with only three of four ingredients. Brittany makes hers with strawberries, but I’ve tried it with blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and a mix of the three, and they’ve all turned out well. The chia seeds are a plant-based source of omega 3s, antioxidants, fiber and protein. Depending on the ripeness of my berries, I vary the amount of sweetener in this jam, and I often use honey instead of Stevia. I love this on toast or in oatmeal.

strawberrychiaseedjam   strawberry jam

4. Vegan Mushroom and Kale Gravy from Oh She Glows: This is more of a winter staple for me; it tastes so good on a cold winter night! Angela puts hers over millet, but I usually use this gravy over quinoa or spaghetti squash.

mushroom gravy     Mushroom sauce vegan

5. Gluten Free Chocolate Quinoa Bars from Fannetastic Food: For this recipe I usually replace the garbanzo bean flour with whole wheat flour and the milk with almond milk, but they still turn out well. I’ve made these to take on road trips or to have as afternoon snacks. They taste way better than packaged granola bars and are so much healthier.

quinoa bars FF

6. Tomato Pie from Daily Garnish: I made this last weekend for my family and am kicking myself for not taking a picture – it turned out so well! We had farmers market tomatoes and basil, and decided to use them in this pie. The brown rice crust has protein and fiber, and I actually like its taste better than pastry crust. This is another great summer dish that can be prepared in only a few steps.

Tomato Pie

7. Quinoa Bowls from Peanut Butter Runner: Quinoa is one of the best plant-based proteins you can find. It’s a seed that expands into a fluffy texture when boiled in liquid. I base a lot of means around it because it’s healthy, filling, and can work with any flavor. I typically build bowls (like Jen’s below) with some mixture of vegetables, beans, tempeh, a veggie burger and/or a homemade sauce. This dish is super versatile and works in any season.   Quinoa bowl

8. Vegan Lentil Walnut Loaf from Oh She Glows: This is the most time-consuming recipe on the list to make and requires the largest number of ingredients, but if you’re wanting a hearty, filling, protein-packed vegan dish, this is a good one! It makes a large loaf that will leave you with leftovers, and this dinner will even satisfy and meat eaters in your family.

Lentil Loaf

9. Frozen berries in almond milk from Daily Garnish: Emily doesn’t write out a recipe or provide a picture for this, but I read her post on eating healthy and picked up this tasty tip to tame a sweet tooth. I’ve started freezing a portion of the berries I bring home from the farmers market each week just for this purpose. When you pour the almond milk over the berries, the whole dish turns into a creamy, icy cereal-like dessert. It’s sweet and refreshing!

Berries in milk

10. Overnight Oats from Kath Eats: A lot of bloggers I follow eat overnight oats, but the recipe I loosely base my breakfast on was written by Kath. Each night before work, I fill a jar (below is one of my recycled pickle jars) about 1/3 full of rolled oats. I also add half of a sliced banana, about one tablespoon of chia seeds, a scoop of nut butter, and enough water to cover get the mixture floating around. I refrigerate it overnight, and in the morning the oats will have soaked up all of the liquid. I take the jar to work and stir in some more water to get my desired consistency. If I am wanting a hot breakfast that day, I’ll microwave the oats. Otherwise, they are great cold!

I make a vegan version of Kath’s recipe, so I replace the milk with water or almond milk, and I don’t add yogurt. Some other mix-ins I occasionally add are cinnamon, cocoa powder, protein powder, cooked quinoa (to really bulk it up), berries, or honey.

I have been eating this breakfast for about a year, and I still look forward to eating it every morning. It has protein, fiber, fruit, omega 3s, healthy carbs, and healthy fats. This is such a healthy and delicious way to start the day – I recommend everyone try it at least once!

Kath's OIAJ       Oats in a jar

Have you made any of these dishes? Tell me about some of your healthy go-to recipes – I’m always looking for more!

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  2. Love the idea for overnight oats, will definitely have to try that!

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