Scenes from a Summer Vacation

I’ve been home from my summer vacation for a few days now, but I’m already ready to go back! I loved five straight days of sleeping in, being outside, and having no set schedule.

My boyfriend and I started off spending two nights in Asheville for a birthday party and a wedding. We got to see lots of friends and family, which is a treat these days considering how spread out everyone has gotten since college.


Post partying, we hit the road for Charleston, SC. Charleston is one of my favorite places on the East coast, and I always feel like vacation really starts when I drive under the Cooper Bridge. 


We actually stayed on Folly Beach at Water’s Edge Inn. We came across it on TripAdvisor, and exceeded all of the great reviews! It is a pretty inconspicuous place, but the rooms were super clean and nice, the staff was so friendly, our view overlooked the water, and we were in walking distance of town and the beach. The inn also has a complimentary cocktail hour every night that was a fun surprise upon arriving!

Water's Edge Inn

We had lunch twice during our vacation at The Lost Dog. I really liked this restaurant because of all its healthy options. This lunch was a black bean cake and tuna over mango salsa. Super tasty.

Lost Dog Fish

On the beach, William did some kite boarding, and I did some kite launching, some watching, and some swimming. 

Kite Boarding

I also flew the trainer kite one afternoon. That little thing is powerful!

Trainer Kite

My favorite meal of the vacation was at Husk in downtown Charleston. Husk is one of the nation’s best restaurants, and all of the ingredients are local! We had dinner here last summer, and I was excited for months leading up to this trip about going back.

Husk Sign

In the entryway is a chalkboard that documents the origin of every ingredient. I love this touch; you can really see that everything from the butter to the eggs to the chocolate comes from the South. The menu changes daily based on what ingredients are available locally and are in season.

Husk Local

And when you taste the food, you can definitely tell how fresh it all is. We started with bread and the fried green tomatoes and pimento cheese appetizer.

Husk BreadHusk Fried Green Tomato

I had the softshell crab entrée. It was actually the first time I’ve eaten a softshell crab, and I loved it.

Husk Crab

William got some kind of berry/shortcake dessert that he said was delicious. I got a chocolate trifle that was also awesome, but the lighting was too dim at this point to capture it.

Husk Berry Dessert

Charleston has so much great food, but Husk my top recommendation if you are ever in the area! (Be sure to book ahead – I made this reservation back in February or March!)

Outside Husk

The next day we did some shopping.

I went to King Street for clothes.

King Street Shopping

And William went to a surf shop.

Surf Boards

We had lunch at Taco Boy on Folly Beach. I had a black bean taco and a mushroom taco, both in lettuce wraps. I also had a skinny pineapple margarita.

If I knew of a place in Charlotte that served those, I would go often. 

Taco Boy

We left Folly on the 4th of July, and we were clearly headed in the wrong direction! Everyone was going to the beach.

4th Traffic

We had lunch in town before driving back to Charlotte. We went to Hominy Grill, and I had the pinto bean cakes.

Hominy Pinto Bean Cakes

They were good, but dessert was better. William talked me into one last vacation treat: chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. It was as delicious as it looks.

Hominy Choc and PB Cake

We got back to Charlotte the evening of the 4th and went for a run (some sweating was necessary after all of those desserts and cocktails). The streets were empty! Next year we are totally staying at the beach for the night of the 4th and the fireworks.

Empty 4th July CLT

The trip went by so quickly. I had been looking forward to it since we decided to go last fall, and I’m sad it’s over! I’m so glad, though, that we were able to take a few days to visit friends and family, relax, be at the beach, and eat lots of treats. Vacations are the best, and I’m already brainstorming my next trip.

Where is your favorite place to take a vacation? Where should I go next?!

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