Bucket Lists

Things to do, things to try, things to change:

-Host a vegan dinner party

-Start a compost

-Get a solar panel

-Establish an all-natural beauty and bath routine

-Make my own dry shampoo

-Volunteer on a local farm

-Start a garden

-Subscribe to a CSA (community supported agriculture) program

One week of:

-Eating raw

-Not consuming sugar

-Not consuming caffeine

-Not riding in a car

-Purchasing only local items

-Reusing/recycling every piece of trash I create

-Not turning on the TV

-Only self-powered exercise (no treadmill, eliptical, etc.)

-No heat (in winter) or air conditioning (in summer)

-No packaged foods


One Response to Bucket Lists

  1. Laura says:

    these are great items for a bucket list. I especially like
    -No heat (in winter) or air conditioning (in summer)
    -Purchasing only local items

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