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Wise Words from Michael Pollan

I came across this video tonight and had to share it on the blog. Michael Pollan is one of the leading experts on the food industry, and I recommend his work to anyone interested. In this video, Pollan explains how … Continue reading

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Healthy Living Advice to 16-year-old Me

As my interest in healthy living has become apparent to my friends and family in the last few years, I’ve started to receive questions about the topic. I’ve been asked what I eat for meals, what I buy at the … Continue reading

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How Do You Spend Your Time?

I recently came across this survey in the Wall Street Journal that tracks how you spend your time versus the average American. You enter the amount of time you spend on various tasks on an average day, and the survey … Continue reading

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Sustainable Seafood

I recently listened to a TED talk by Chef Barton Seaver that addressed a message I think so many Americans need to hear. He discusses the modern seafood dilemma for humans today: that while seafood is one of our healthiest … Continue reading

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